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Welcome to the Farr Family web site.

This web site has been designed to keep all our friends and family up to date  and informed as to our progress and news, this includes any news on the house, new arrivals and gossip within the family and of course any major news  from the Farr family.Graduation Family

Hammond CourtHammond Court is a quiet court yard development reflecting an all together earlier way of life of horses and stable living, where time is slow and lazy on  those sunny days of summer as the golden ears of fresh barley sway in the light  breeze like the ripples on a golden pond waiting for the call of harvest.  Life  is altogether slower in this sleepy backwater and the only stress seems to come  from the old oaks as they spread their branches in the light breeze sheltering  the meadow from the summer kisses of the sun. The every day sounds of city life seem to be a distant memory from another  time, replaced by nature’s chorus triumphant and rejoicing in its freedom at the  break of dawn. The country’s clock, awakening the birds and bees the flower and  the fauna, nature’s bell that tells another day has just begun. Happy are we mortal  souls to be a part of this tapestry of life this little piece of heaven we called  home...  Chateau Impney1
Hadzor Hall mansionAll nestled under the majestic portals from a bye gone era that is Hadzor Hall, it’s checkered past still calling to be heard, the ghosts of many seasons lay within her walls and distant memories and tragedies form the substance of it’s grade 1 listed history from 1827.
Once the home of the Corbett family who commissioned the building of the Chateau Impney pictured right styled on a French thyme as a folly to love, now a splendid four star hotel on the outskirts of Droitwich.
Now the hall is under going restoration to bring her back to life and former glory of yesteryear as she deserves.

But back to us, At  this site, you will discover all about our adventures, as well as our dynamic  and resourceful family exploits if there are any! from the Farr, Chambers, Skedgel or Mulcasters dynasties

Check out the News page for all the updates on all our family and friends from around the world and if you have any news you would like to share send it to me and I’ll include it for all to read.

Feel free to browse  around this site. If you have comments or questions about our news, or simply  need more information and want to contact us, e.mail nick.farr@thefarrs.co.uk  .

Tracing Our Ancestors
Our History
- This is a new section that has been added. As we discover more of our family background we have just finished research on the Mulcasters back to 1093 on my mother’s father’s side and the Spurway’s Mum’s Mother’s side back to 1296 which has been very interesting, so we are now starting on the Farr side of the family, and then the Skedgel tree

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Farr  Coat of Arms 156pxMulcaster Coat of Arms156px Skedgel Coat of Arms156px Spurway Coat of Arms156px

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Our Historic Link - This was a momentous period in English history following the Plantagenet’s came the Lancaster’s then the York’s two houses with the emblem of the rose one red the other white two feuding families embroiled in bitter conflict over the crown of the realm, a well documented period in history known as the “War of the Roses” and dramatised in the series “The White Queen”, we enter this story when our trees link.
To show this we go back to the Plantagenet’s 1327-1377 Edward III where it originated. His descendent and great grandson Richard Duke of York 1411-1460 married Cicely (Daughter of Ralph Nevill and Eufemia Mulcaster the sister of Sir Robert Mulcaster) the said Richard and Cicely had a son Edward born at Rouen 1442,   he became King Edward IV 1461-1483 marrying Elizabeth Woodville (The White Queen). learn more

Cavalier in dock

My Naval Career

Thanks for  visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.


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